Year 3 - 6

Mandatory Items   Summer Uniform       Sports Uniform 


Roseville Backpack – Medium 
Roseville Sports bag – Small
1 x School Badge
1 x House Badge (worn on left side of blazer)
School Colour Hair Ribbon
Art Smock – In Students House Colour - Large
Library Bag – In Students House Colour
Excursion Rucksack Bag


Roseville Blue Summer Dress (x 3+)
Roseville Panama Hat
White Fold down Ankle Socks
Maroon Jumper and/or vest



PE Top
PE Shorts
Track Top
Track Bottoms
Swim Suit
Swim Cap – in house colour
White Ankle Socks

Required – Purchased Externally to School

Black leather lace up shoes

Sports Shoes – white sole and as close to white as possible